Make Money On The Side

The best and easiest way for any person to make money on the side is an opportunity that a friend told me about a few months ago. It uses a simple strategy that has really worked for me.

In 2006 there was a story in the news about a man who had a goal to trade one red paper clip all the way up to a house. It began with two women from Vancouver offering a fish pen for his paper clip. The fish pen was traded for a door knob, for one camping stove, for one generator, for one instant party, for one snowmobile, for one trip, for one cube van, for one recording contract, for one year of rent in Phoenix, for an afternoon with Alice Cooper.

He traded his time with Alice Cooper for a snow globe. Enter actor Corbin Bernsen, an avid snow globe collector, who wanted the snow globe and offered a paid role in his new movie in exchange. The people of Kipling, Saskatchewan, Canada, wanted the movie role. Their offer? Finally, the house.

This story showed me that I could make a lot of money starting with just a small amount of money. This opportunity makes it all automatic!

Starting with just $7 I was able to earn $27 and I then used $20 of that to make $80. Next, I used $60 of the $80 to earn $210, $150 to earn $550, $400 to earn $1,400, $1,000 to earn $4,000!

That is where I’m at right now, but I plan on using $3,000 of the $4,000 to increase my earnings even more. In the story above it took the man a year to accomplish his goal of getting a house. I have only spent a few months doing this, but I plan on earning six figures in a year.

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